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WRX80 is...a phantom?

Seems T/WRX80 are a chimera.

See Anandtech.

That is a shame. The TRX40 4-slot motherboards do not light my fire. Once basic add on cards are in, only one slot or none free.

I may have to consider an Epyc solution, likely the Gigabyte MZ32.

Did AMD ever announce WRX80 or is this another Reddit-WCCF-feedback loop gone rogue?

Edit: Seems like it, TRX40 leaked, things got out of hand.

No formal announcement. Feedback loop on wishful thinking?

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What seems to happen is that someone on reddit makes up a mildly believeable thing, WCCF or Videocardz runs with it, which Reddit posts validating WCCF/VCz and so on.
Grain of salt with everything, I guess.

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i really hope the wrx80 was not fake news … i had dreams of ddr5 pcie 4 gen 2
and other whiz bang tech

TRX80 AND WRX80 weren’t completely made up, they were submitted to USB-IF (Tom’s Hardware has a full screenshot listing)

Anandtech’s reporting seems way out of proportion to me. Don’t most companies downplay future improvements so people purchase now instead of waiting? I personally held off on building my TRX40 system until CES in the hopes WRX80 would have workstation features like TB3 and maybe even IPMI.

Me too