Writing my first Orchestral Piece

So i was “commissioned” to do a musical piece to a fictional story my wife is working on with her best friend.
I’m normally a metal kinda guy, but dabble a lot in recording stuff. I’ve been clasically trained in Clarinette for years, took lessons in Saxophone and Organ and have been into Orchestral Music for… well, forever.

I have looked into doing something like that for a long time, but now the opportunity came to finally tackle this project.
Making something like this is rather involved compare to more “generic” Rock music. I’ve been scouring the Internet for free VST options for various instruments and started to set up a Reaper session for this.

I’m not really happy where It’s currently at, but it’s a start. The sounds need a lot of work and finding free stuff is a challenge. There is tons of stuff, but not much of it is high quality.

What ever. I’ll try to update this as i go. Other than that, i have a deadline for the 25th. If anyone has a great option for a free Instrument, i’d love to give it a go.

Also, feel free to post what ever experience you have in taking on such a project yourself. I can use any help i can get!


Looking forward to hearing what you come up with!

I played trumpet for quite a few years, and piano as well, but my ear definitely isn’t “trained”. I say that, to preface that what you have so far, sounds AWESOME. Keep up the good work, and definitely give us some updates!

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Try panning the “real” orchestra setting, like 2 cellos to the right side, panned to for example 12 & 14% to the right, and build the whole orchestra to imaginary setup like that

Last I attempted the VST couldnt handle it

Last summer, it was too damn hot and I did not have any ice cream :relieved:

Sounds a bit… cramped in a way. Like all instruments are in one spot.


Ok, took some time. This is REAL hard. I had panned a lot of stuff already by their position in the orchestra. But this is something i’ll work on once the structure is set in place.

By now, a second part emerged that was originally planned for something else. Since it was well recieved, i can now figure out how the heck to combine this stuff. It’s really rough atm, but getting there.
All of this take MUCH longer than i originally anticipated. Also, i started with some volume automation.


https://www.magix.com/us/music/music-maker/ Some caveats but free and have a pretty decent orchestral selection. Use the windows store app for ease of use.

http://vipersaudio.com/blog/?page_id=59 again some caveats but can make samples sound more " real and live "

Organize your music piece than tweak viper for the sound you what. It will record your system sound with the viper tweaks during the live recording session.

While not a musician I did manage to come up with some decent sounding live instruments.


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