Wraith Spire cooler Tinker Question

I purchased a 1700 which came with the pretty interesting cooler. Obviously, I wanted something better but being a hardware collector I wanted to make a functional shelf piece that would still light. The cooler has a 4 pin standard plug for RGB control but it runs in on the cooler side with a 3 pin connector. The three pin side only has (Red, Blue, Green) No ground.

Without any documentation I have no idea how to wire this to get it rolling, I have all the tools just need some knowledge. Lay it on me :D

Supposedly the cooler will plug straight into any motherboard header with the 4 pin RGB.
You should in theory be able to connect any controller to it and have it display the colors.
As far as how accurate the colors are, I got no clue.

My assumption is that you want the fan to spin as well?
You may be able to wire a fan header off of the power cable since it outputs 12V and is able to supply up to 2A.

For the fan pin out, its very simple, just make sure you actually wire ground to ground and 12V to live

You are going to want to follow the female sides that is numbered.

The PC fan side I have working correctly, I had the same thought you did an had ordered an RGB controller I wired it as you would assume using my meter to match colors with continuity. This leaves me with the far left pin, which from my reading is ground. Hooking it to ground and using the controller does nothing. I can also confirm that the box is powering up. What is the function of the V+? This is what is tripping me up I presume.

I appreciate the help!

I do not often see controllers like that but I assume its for brightness control. It would make sense if the cooler is lacking the 4th wire since I don't think it would be insanely bright the way the ring defused the light.