Wow... my computer just overheated

I guess folding @ home is to blame here. Nothing has changed in the past few months under the hood... I did install folding @ home a couple of days ago... I was typing a blog and browsing the net when it overheated and died.

I use an ultra chilltec... with my old motherboard (asus p5k deluxe) the temp was always in the 30's C... with my newer motherboard (intel DX38BT) the temp stays in the high 60's! REALLY hot... and I have adjusted the fan a lot... taken it off... applied less and less paste...

I can't wait to get a new motherboard... this one is bad for overclocking as well.

YOU TOO? i left it on last night and i woke up, my computer froze. i could tell after i woke up, as my music was fucked up. but, it went back to normal after a couple of minutes then i decided to just restart the computer before the whole thing completely crashed. it THEN decided to restart 4 times, not allowing me to get into my bios. so i had to completely pull the plug and let it sit for like a minute to reset the cmos..

well that sucked.

Soooo maybe folding isnt a good idea?

I just finally got Windows 7 installed!

After having to use my falcon cd to copy my sata drivers into random files. After 4 days I'm finally back up!

Just gotta reinstall grub for ubuntu.

Folding your motherboard into the garbage if warranty is up???

Sty1ez wrote 1 minute ago »

Folding your motherboard into the garbage if warranty is up???

Pffft, throw away perfectly broken PC parts? No wai! That's why youtube and fire were invented.

Folding is a good idea, if you want to stress test. I am currently folding, at 50C

my cpu got as hot as 50ºC, but no higher when i was folding.

Damn, that sucks. Looks like its time to upgrade.

Let me update you, my CPU withstands high temps without bsoding...

Still stable:


I fold using my video card. Its usually at about 68c.