Wow, If you hate Apple because of how controlling they are, you should hate Tesla

That sucker will cost you an arm and a leg to fix after 8 years.


the big problem of Tesla is that the QA the have is VERY bad, they have a monopoly on parts and service, so the prices will be high because of it. BUT have to chance the power train or batteries multiple times is the proof of the lack of care the have with the cars, they are comporting like a computer company not a car manufacture, something that my CS Tesla fan of friend don’t see as a problem.

TL;DR: All Tesla car are in beta forever.

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In my opinion an electric car should be little more than a frame with a battery at the back and one or two motors bolted to the frame connected to the wheels, with a simple controller (connected to the gas pedal) between the two, and a simple, beefy charging circuit. Everything about the car should ideally be accessible and replaceable by the end user with a set of wrenches and a car jack, just like any ordinary vehicle. But Tesla has to make these things so sophisticated and so stylish and every part so frustratingly integral to the car that there’s no way in hell that anyone could repair it themselves. And at the risk of sounding like RMS, everything is proprietary; there are no standards in place, as far as I’m aware, for these vehicles. Tesla makes everything and can charge whatever they like for the replacement parts and labor. They are the Apple of car manufacturers.


See this is why Imma stick to my car for now and just build it out. I have a rod knock that fixing a Vortec V6 for is not worth my time when I could drop a more fuel efficient motor in and stuff. I can’t fix an electric car without potentially fucking it and I don’t wanna do that.

With a normal car, the most that will happen is that you might lose a finger… if you’re really unlucky or stupid. With an electric car like a Tesla, one wrong touch of the battery leads and you get cooked. And heaven forbid the batteries fail and go into thermal runaway, because if one of them does, it’s gonna catch fire, and it ain’t gonna stop until all that energy is dumped outside.

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I just found out that Tesla sued Top Gear because Jeremery Clackson was apparently saying incorrect things about the their car. I don’t know who was in the wrong here because while Top Gear/The Grand Tour is entertainment show they are usually very honest about the cars their review.

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Jeremy Clarkson wouldn’t get in trouble for saying things, Musk must be trying to do a hit piece on him.

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Kinda like another product that comes to mind…cough…Apple :slight_smile:

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They did a follow up and reviewed a Model X in The Grand Tour, and poke fun at the lawsuits.

Top Gear was pretty popular around the world and would have quite a large influence on car sales, or lack of sales. Numbers are hard to come by for this though. So I get the damage control from Tesla. They still do quite a bit of damage control now.

The early Tesla cars cost an arm and a leg anyway, and are pretty much prototypes. Not suprising they are obsolete and expensive to repair. I am hoping the mass production of the new ones will solve these issues. I wonder how hackable they are, and what sort of after market spares will come out of china. Disaster waiting to happen maybe!