Would you buy this?


Okay, so the box kind of needs a brown paper bag put over it when you purchase at the store... but once its in your case, would you care?

Would buy this: http://www.comptoir-hardware.com/actus/cartes-graphiques/31904-la-sapphire-rx480-nitro-a-du-chien--post_619563.html


The front is money. The backplate. Ugh

If it is cheaper heck yea

Hahaha elle a du chien

It is Chinese. Not that there is anything wrong with that but designs for Chinese marketing are (aggressively tacky) different than what I like.

Would I buy it? No.
Is it a good card? Probably, but when I went to the HIS website it hasn't been updated since 2008. Not a good sign.

Chien means dog if I am not mistaking. No idea about the rest.

She's a dog

Has that some meaning I am not aware of?

Reference board or custom?
If the board is reference and the cost is reasonable: sure. Its getting one of these anyways.

I owned the HIS R9 280X Turbo Boosted edition, and I liked it quite a lot. I know a lot of people picked on HIS because they stuck with a blue PCB when everyone else was going towards have the matte-black finish, in edition to that type of bronze/gold color that people do not really care for, when it comes to electronics. Looks aside, it was a great card, and the cooler functioned really well - it kept things cool (especially the VRM) and kept things quiet. So, I have a fairly positive view of HIS from that experience.

I'm kind of surprised to see something like this. I thought that I had read a german review that HIS sold out to PINE Technology Holdings - the same people that own XFX - which explained why, if you go look at their website, some of the coolers on their newer cards (notably the R9 380X) basically have the XFX-heatsink (or, in the case of some of the older cards that have new revisions, the old-style heatsink, but XFX-fans).

Either way, I am not as pent-up about looks as some other people. If that thing has decent components, an 8-pin power connector, and the heatsink does a great job, I'd buy that any day of the week.

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That is what I like to hear

to be honest when I stumbled across that 'preview' i was a little bit taken back by the snobbery

if the price is right
if the performance is there

then who cares over the rest?

sure the packaging is embarrassing but enough to stop a sale?

Its why I had to ask on this site.

I think it looks kind of cool. I would put it in a windowless case though as I really can't come up with a theme for that. Also the only way I'd buy it is if it was the cheapest option for an RX 480. Finally with all that said for my rigs I go Green Team still so no chance I buy this for me ...... PhysX

Ew. Y?

If I buy or recommend an RX 480 to a friend, I will buy one that actually looks worthy of the $250ish price tag.

dude, i think tht backplate looks awesome

Hell yah, go for it.

It means that it has guts

Very old school design in that its loud in color scheme, and the fan blades doesn't seem to boast confidence in life span or dB performance.