Would this work as a cheap gaming laptop?

For a cheap laptop to run game such as minecraft and early total war games, would this laptop work?
hp pavilion g6 2244sa

The link to where to get it is here: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/laptops-netbooks/laptops/refurbished-laptops/hp-pavilion-g6-2244sa-refurbished-15-6-laptop-ruby-red-19572015-pdt.html

And this is for someone who does not have the space for a desktop and does not have much money. 

I would say sadly not my friend... It's using a really underpowered E class APU, not going to do it. 

The APU and GPU were my concerns but I don't know where to find a cheap gaming laptop.


What's your budget? 

Iv been really impressed with my Lenovo Ideapad z500, got the one with the i5 and GTX635m GPU for £450ish 4/5 months back. 

Around that amount so thank you, although if there's anything cheaper because you don't really need an i5 for minecraft and total war.

The i3s are terrible......and there is a epic drop off in quality once you go under £450 in the high street.

If you don't mind cosmetic flaws or manufacturers refurbs you can get amazing deals from the Dell outlet store:





 the mobile i3s and i5s are nearly identical chips...

with the i3s having a few small features disabled

Ok I just looked at your link. You have a discrete card in the laptop:

AMD Radeon HD 7340 Discrete-Class
up to 3.91 GB

You might have a slower cpu, but if you drop linux on it with wine, it could be more than acceptable for minecraft and total war.

Yes, the i5-3540M is nearly identical in preformace to a i3-2375M

*rolls eyes*

they're about as different as any 2 processors of the same line (just picked out 2) 3317u and 3380m

seeing as they're all dual core quad thread processors with speeds, power draws, and performance that varies as much from others in the same line as they do from any in the other line i think my point stands