Would this PC work?

I just wanted to know if this PC witch will be mainly used for gaming would work well. I would be playing games like Dayz,Rust,source engine games, and Fallout 3/NV. 

Processor: AMD FX 6300,

GFX Card : Sapphire 7750 2gb ddr3,

RAM: 8gb G skill sniper series 1866 mhz,

Case: Fractal Core 1000, 

PSU: Antec 430 watt 80 plus,

Motherboard: ASUS M5A99FX PRO AMD,

HDD: 1tb Western Digital 7200 rpm,

OS: Windows 7 Premium,

Optical: Some salvaged optical drive.

If there are any incompatible parts, please let me know. I already have the ram,case,psu, and GFX card.

yes all should work but u should of got a better video card at least like a 270x/7870 the 7750 is not to good with the new games

Wasn't in my budget to get a better card. I'm not gonna skimp on the motherboard or power supply to get an extra 10 fps in games.