Would this list work?

I got rid of my Xbox and have decided to build a gaming PC. As I have used a Mac my entire life I was scared that this list of components would not be compatible with each other. Thus my reason for posting here.

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Umm there is no link or description of the parts > 

Post a product list and I'll take a look at it. Nowadays the only complicated part is figuring out what size everything is from the nomenclature. Such as the fact that a MicroATX case will usually support a full ATX/EPS power supply. Which is awesome because they are really cheap compared with, like, SFX power supplies which some slimline cases and mini-itx cases require.

My apologies, I wrote the list but it must have not shown up. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GgOL


Well, there really isn't anything I would change, except maybe 2 small things. If your budget could allow it, I would get a fully modular PSU - believe me, you will much prefer a less cluttered case. Almost $90 for that 500GB HDD is pretty expensive. For not much more, or even less, you can get 1TB or 2TB of storage. Look into Seagate and the WD Black series. Lastly, if you have the money, I would go for a higher quality case. True, the case doesn't affect the performance that much (aside from airflow, etc.), but if you want your build experience to be more enjoyable, something like a Fractal Design R4 or a Corsair 400T, 500T, etc. will be great. It is a very well rounded computer, though - good job :)

I was in a situation like you before, I'll tell you whats best.

Get a seagate barracuda 1TB Hard drive for $75

cheaper case ($20-$30)

no case fan

and no aftermarket cooler (unless you're going to extremely OC it. I OC'd an a10 5800k to 4.5ghz with stock cooler, and it was stable.)

With the money saved, get a Radeon HD 6670 1gb GDDR5 and use "Hybrid Crossfire" or "CrossfireX" with the APU and the HD 6670.

Makes a big difference, and that is what I would go for. 


I changed some of your parts that were needlessly expensive for cheaper, yet quality parts. I also raised the RAM speed which is important for the proper performance of the APU, not to mention it wasn't much of a price jump to go all the way to 2400 MHz, which means that you have some pretty crazy ridiculous overhead to go overclocking with this build, and that Zalman cooler ought to be able to keep the thing nice and chilly. I also included an impressively memoried 6670 for the AMD dual graphics option, which gives you somewhat substantial graphics and is a definite improvement over the included one on the APU. Umm, aside from that... I switched the case out for an NZXT 220 because it is awesome and has cooling options galore. Also, I switched the fans out to some coolermaster sickleflow which are really, really quiet and inexpensive. Get at least two to put in the front of the NZXT case to give it awesome lighting effects. Or if you aren't a fan of lighting, look on a chart and find the wire that controls the LED's and yank it out. They still perform better than anything else this side of 10 dollars a fan.

I never realised that a 1TB HD was cheaper than a 500gb. Color me Impressed. And what is Crossfire exactly? Ive heard of it but never had the oppurtunity to see it.