Would this be a good place to seek PIA/VPN/router help?

Would this be a good place to seek VPN/router help if one was trying to setup a DD-WRT router with a VPN?

Yes. Ide change the topic name to whatever your question is to attract people to help you with it

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i'm trying to hook my router in to PIA unless your supposed to do that in the modem? the official PIA DD-WRT setup and other guides. are not working. my IP address stays the same and or i loose connectivity.

You would be doing it in the router. The modem is just there to modulate/demodulate the network signal coming and going from your home/office.

A few thoughts to start:
Your router has to be compatable with vpns. Make sure that your router is capable before going further.
Changing server locations will be extremely annoying if its setup at the router level. If someone did something dumb to get that ip banned, you will have to go to your router's settings to make changes rather than jist using the client.

I might be able to help if you really want to set it up this way but i recommend against it. You're better off using the client on individual machines

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the problem with individual machines is i have 12+ machines not counting VMs, devices, other OSes other than win, lin, mac, machines i'm working on and we also have guests over somewhat regularly (more laptops and devices)

maybe i should have gotten proxy instead? idk watching the tek made it sound all awesome except router level when some gets the ip banned.

it's not quite what i what i thought it would be or what i wanted. idk if it's gonna work well it may bottle neck my 50 meg connection.

I have a Cisco M10 V1 with OPENVPN-small firmware.


the PIA guide nor this guide work: http://www.instructables.com/id/Configure-VPN-Settings-on-a-DD-WRT-Router-for-Priv/step3/Modify-the-DD-WRT-Basic-DNS-Settings/

idk if it's modem settings causing issues or not, i just read that some settings can cause conflicts/issues.

i mainly plan on using it for video watching and video surfing but, i do play some games like TF2 and LOADOUT and hammer watch and stuff. i was hoping PIA midwest servers wouldn't screw over latency too bad.

EDIT: i can provide screen shots of the router settings if need be.

How is your network setup. Do you have one of those modem/router things or is it simply a modem plugged into your cisco router?

also, when you complete these steps, is it just not connecting to the vpn server but still allowing you access to the internet?

I have an Arris TM822 to my Cisco M10 with VPN_Small DD-WRT firmware. Wifi and wired.