Would like some input on my current parts

Hello! I am a first time PC builder with a good sense of what I'm doing, but am open for anyone to help me. I want to build my first PC over the summer and I have a general idea of everything I want. I will use this PC strictly for gaming and general use. I am not interested in overclocking since this is my first build. I am just looking for some input on what parts I have come up with. Does everything work well together? Will my power supply be powerful enough? I'm open to anything. I want to keep the price roughly around $1600 (This is the cost without the keyboard added.)

Just as some side information, I live in the United States and prefer Amazon, Newegg, or NCIX as retailers.

PC Part Picker Link: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/176TJ

Your input is greatly appreciated.

All of those parts will work together just fine. PSU is well matched so you're good to go.

If you like computers and plan on using them a lot you should really consider overclocking, maybe not now but possibly later on. Here's what I got. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/17iDS

I upped the power supply wattage and efficiency for more OC headroom, switched the GPU to allow overclocking, added a common CPU heatsink, swapped the RAM to Vengeance 'low profile' to provide space for the aftermarket heatsink, and changed the motherboard to house an overclocking i5-4670K. You can add an SSD but I removed it to cut costs.

Don't forget fans and fan filters, I use DEMCiflex filters. http://www.demcifilter.com/c25/ENFORCER.aspx (top and rear fan filters are unneeded if they are coupled with fans blowing air out of the case)

Dont forget the cpu cooler :)