Would it be possible to put one GPU cooler onto another GPU...?

Long story short, I'm looking to get a 390x, but after googling around and even asking Sapphire directly, it doesn't look like they have any plans for a Vapor-X edition, which is bad-news-bears. (I've always enjoyed Vapor-X)
I thought I could just get an 8GB 290x and just flash the bios, but those are out everywhere, so I'm pretty sure that ain't gonna happen.

So I've got this crazy idea instead.

Turns out the PCB layout on the 390x is pretty much identical to the 290x, so would it be possible (though not necessarily practical) to take the Vapor-X cooler from a cheaper, lower end 290/x, and slap it onto a 390x?

the ek waterblock to the gtx 670 looked the same as the one for the 970 ,
so i just slapped that sucker on there
26'c and counting and a new 970 huzzah saved $120

so, yea, in some cases, they just happen to use almost the exact same chip layout
in which case, like mine,(670v970) i was able to reuse the cooler

I'd be careful just because a minute difference in even a choke or cap that isn't accounted for could mean a dead card.

Very possible to do so, but keep in mind that the PCB might be different.
Chokes, capacitors and the likes can get in the way, and mosfets need to be cooled as well.
But if the PCB is the same, or very similar it should work :u

Yes it is most likely possbile but sometimes you need to mod a little.
been there done that...