Would anyone be interested in this?

I have been considering making a review of my i5-4670k. Mainly for debate and to provide my anecdotal evidence, some of it however esoteric. I feel like some of it's features are entirely glossed over by bigger reviewers, such as QuickSync. For example OBS (OpenBroadcasterSoftware) has support for this, as well as Sony Vegas...

It will be in video form. Also as I have never made a video like that I would really want some criticism from the community here.

that would be cool dude

Sure I'd love to see a review. 

I will watch it.

You going to be putting that k chip through its paces?

If you mean overclocking, no :( not until I get my custom loop (custom loop in a Prodigy I know crazy). 

I'm going to start drafting some stuff up for this. I don't have my old hardware to bench it against, but I will do a few CPU heavy games just for the sake of it. Also I'll hook up my Kill-a-watt.

Please do a CPU intensive game and then start to stream,I want to see how big of a performance hit the i5 gets. I'm just curious as hell.

I could try to stream to a dead link maybe? I have a 0.3Mbps upload...