Would a GTX 770 do well for 4K?

OK so a friend of mines been trying to talk me into getting a 4K monitor for my computer which i use 95% of the time for gaming and the other 5% is updating games. at the moment i have a pretty solid setup with a 4770k and a GTX 770 but im pretty sure (and by pretty sure i mean i think i read somewhere on the interwebs once but i cant remember where) that the 770 dosent do well with 4k gaming. said friend has a 770 as  well and he claims his does just fine in 4k. 

anybody know anything more definitive?


Edit: thanks for the input. What about watching movies and just all around internetting. Would it be capable of handling that in 4k? Just curious. What about 1440p gaming? Would it be possible leave to het a 4k monitor and use it in 1440 for games and 4k for everything else? Sorry about the machine gun fire of question but the time for a new monitor has come and I want to be sure I fully understand my options.

No way. GTX 770 can do 1080p maxed np, 1440p 95% of games on max settings or at least ultra. 4k No way :(. My 4k rig has 2x 290x vapor X, and honestly thinking about getting a 3rd because the fps isn't that great in alot of the higher end games at max settings. (source: personal experience).

If you want to game at 4K, no way that 770 will hold up.

You should get GTX 780 or R9 290 if you want to go 4k. 2GB VRAM is not gonna be enough.

On average the current ability to output at 60fps at 4k is still an SLI or CrossFire job. Even then it's sketchy, we don't really have a fully 4k 100% ready Video Card yet.

^^ agreed with what Mr. Squirrel said, as I said im about to add a 3rd 290x to my gaming rig to get the high fps at 4k, and thats only 1 monitor.

Single 780 or 290 wont be nearly enough either, maybe at low or medium settings

One word, No.

No ☺

But i personaly not realy see the whole 4K nonsense. The single gpu´s right now are not realy capable for driving 4k at 60fps.

Next year Nvidia and AMD will come with new cards, on which the highend ones will be 4K ready atleast.

But yeah i personaly dont see the whole point of 4K in my opinnion 1440p on max 27" looks totaly fine to me.

GTX770 will struggle at 1440p aswell, especialy in WD and Crysis 3

depends on how much memory it has and even then, no.

lol, indeed, even if the GTX770 had 1TB of GDDR5 Vram then still No, Nein, Nee.

Single GPUs will likely still be for medium settings at 4K for a couple more years, at least.

I think a lot of people really underestimate how much of a jump in GPU performance you need to "just" quadruple the screen resolution and make it look good.