Would a FX-6300 limit a GTX 970 in any way?

Like the subject says, just wondering if a fx 6300 would limit a GTX 970 at all. 

No probably not.

yes in benchmarking - just compare a few results in the futuremark database and see for yourself, as for general gaming etc you wont notice much.

btw, my 2700k @4.5 bottlenecks my oc'd gtx980 in 3dmark.

Depends on the game.  I would recommend overclocking the fx6300 to reduce this.  Games that are dependent on single thread performance are going to suffer a little, but if it has decent multithread support then it should be fine.  Just for reference my hd7950 pushes my i7 3770k to about 50% usage in bf3/bf4 while the gpu is maxed at 100% usage.  So if you where to play the same game with a fx6300 and 970 you would probably still not be maxing out your cpu usage.  This only really applies to games that can use 6 threads.

If I don't get the 6300 i'll get the i5 4690k. From a gaming standpoint it really would not be worth it I don't think. I just feel like these FX processors are getting old.. and I hope I would not need to upgrade my processor anytime soon. The 4690k is priced around $230 - $240 currently and the 6300 is around $100ish 

I run a FX6350 and an r9 290. a fairly similar setup.

It depends on the game. In crysis2 I was running the game at max settings (lowest AA) 1440p at 70fps

In star citizen My gpu is throttled to 60-80% in game because the physic engine is single core.

The 970 is enough to max out all your games so it won't be an issue.

Yea, the 970 is nearly overkill for 1080p gaming. I'm looking at it from an upgrade standpoint, rather shell out a $100 or so more than getting a new card within a few years. 

Ya for an nvidia part I would go with Intel. Maxwell may not be as bad I have not tested it yet. But ya at work the Six cores are getting pulled a bit much these days. Even by a older 770. I would just bite the bullet and go Intel and at least have peace of mind and a upgrade path for this gen and Intel next gen. Not suggesting you would want to. But maybe in 3 years you could just go to a Broadwell or Broadwell refresh i7 for cheap and stretch it out few years.

The 8 core 8350 used to trade blows with the Sandy Bridge 2600K when it launched. But the new Haswell i5's are even beating the 8 core now. The 6300 would be fine depending on how picky you are about a consistent frame rate. You will see drops in you min FPS and see drops for often with the older AMD chip. Might be time to just admit the AM3+ socket needs to be put away and wait for something new from AMD. That hurts me as a AMD fan :(

nope, not if you simply just slap a 8350 in there and call it a day...

cuz really, you just should.

8350's still have frame variance issues especially with Geforce Kepler. I have seen this myself. You can still game on one. But its's 2 almost 3 years old.  Its a dead socket. It is out performed by an i5. 8350 is cheaper sort of. But you can get a i5 at microcenter for around the same price. And black Friday and cyber Monday are coming. Can probably get parts cheap.


Wow, fanboy much? the i5 is actually beat in a lot of games by 8350, as well my 8350 with r9 290 CRUSHES 4770k with a Titan. That's a fact.

really? Cause my 8350 crushes my friends 2600k. Tek's own benchmarks even show 8350 crushing 3770k. Quit being fanboy, you contribute nothing valuable to discussion. In price to performance AMD is still king. 

Nope had AMD machines most of my life. The question was would a FX 6300 be limiting the GTX 970. I said I don't know I have not tried it yet. And our studio has not switched to them. But that a Kepler is in some ways. So I have not been able to produce what you are talking about. Would love to know the games you have tested this on and what settings you have used. I would like to try it my self.

But to through your a fanboy out there. Just because I don't agree with you. Your defending a brand that if I would to guess you have nothing to gain from. That is fanboyism if I ever seen it. But that is the last I have to say on it. I'm going to guess your going to rebuttal with something else to prove I am a fanboy. Don't bother I won't be responding to it. But if you have something to help elevate and educate people here I'm game.

  Just remember sometimes actions speak louder than words my friend.

For nicely threaded games and applications, the 8350 is still a nice chip.

Problem is that most games aren't nicely threaded, and Intel's stronger cores will usually be more beneficial for games.

He's not being a fanboy. The 8350 is a fine processor, but in games that are extremely single-threaded hungry, any FX chip is going to be a bottleneck save for maybe a 9590. It's not that they're bad chips. I like them. I own two. It's just the way that the FX architecture is built that makes it lack in per-core performance. With games that utilize all of the cores, it's fine, but optimization isn't exactly something devs are doing well these days. 


Sorry, but your 8350 doesn't crush a 4770k. As someone that owns a 4300, 2500k, 8350, and 4790k, you're completely lying there. My 4790k @ 4.6 absolutely decimates the 8350 that's sitting at 4.8

If the FX6300 bottlenecks a GTX970 depends on the resolution (lower resolution will easier run into a CPU bottleneck) and games you play

Well, the CPU will usually handle physics, and the CPU usuage doesn't scale with resolution nearly as much as what GPU usage would.

+1 very true

Intel has always had better single core performance because fo the arhcitecture of the chipset, and the cores, however, I too own an 8350 and in benchmarks(I realize this doesn't say a whole lot) it doesn't destroy the I5s and I7s but it defently competes very very well with them. It is true that for games that is only single threaded the Intel CPUs are going to win, but in games utilizing multithreading the 8350 wins in most cases + if you wanna do livestreaming, you can use the 8350 for that, it's very good in that department.

All in all, the FX series is an old series of CPUs, and you can defently feel it on them, however, they do still in very deed hold up really well, and it's still a very good choice, but to say that intel's I5 destroys them in every situation is simply not true.

And i you get a decent motherboard that is good at auto overclocking you can achieve some nice ones. my 8350 is auto overclocked to 4.34, and even though that isen't super high, it's still fairly good.

I cannot think of any cpu bound game, in which an FX8350 beats a Haswell i5 or i7, with a debatable amount

In cpu bound games, or cpu + gpu bound games intel haswell cpu´s are mostly better. Because of the better per core performance of the cores.

The only games in which there is litterly no diffrence between amd and intel, are the so called GPU bound games. Tombraider is a good example of that.

Also the term "multithreaded games" like BF4 is kinda funny. People claim that BF4 is a 8 core game, but this is nonsense. The only optimization that BF4 has, is that it "has" the abillity to spread the load over all available threads. But still this does not give me much more performance out of it. Thats why i7 cpu´s are basicly a waste of money for allmost all games. accept Watchdogs and Starcitism maybe. The only thing for which an i7 is handy, is streaming.

Also in rendering, it depends allot on the applications you are using, take adobe premiere for example, in this program the i5 again whipes the floor with any FX. Haswell cpu´s have a new instruction set called AVX2 and more and more rendering software application, will gonne make use to it.  a 4790k renders allot faster as theire previos ivybridge cpu´s in some rendering applications.

just saying.

This does not mean that FX cpu´s are bad, no they are exaly very good if you do more then just gaming with your machine.  For example if you do virtualization or what not, on this part the FX is just awesome. Also in some 3D rendering software application they are still doing a great job there, FX cpu´s on Asus mobo´s you also have ECC ram support, which is very nice for small server things, and also streaming they are still very good in streaming. So the FX cpu´s are still a good value for money, if you do more then just gaming.

But for just gaming, i would simply just grab an i5. Because the price diffrence overall, isnt realy there in the end. if you take everything in concideration cost wise. For gaming an haswell i5 is just the better allrounder. an haswell i5 will perform decent in every game gpu bound or cpu bound, on which a FX cpu struggles in some cpu bound games. with higherend GPU´s

If somebody disagree with me, thats okay with me.

About bottlenecking, keep in mind that every cpu will become a bottleneck at a certain point, if its noticable or not, thats offcourse a diffrent story.