Worth the Aliexpress Risk? (LC Fiber Connectors)

Hey All,

I have been needing to terminate the fiber in my office and have been putting it off because of the costs. A friend suggested looking on Aliexpress which honestly I have never thought of as being a quality provider. I am ok buying key caps, and switches, maybe other electronics parts. But fiber… it never crossed my mind.

Thoughts on either of these? Anyone used Aliexpress fiber parts?
40pcs Lc Sx Sm 2.0 Connectors,lcupc Single Mode Sm Simplex 0.9/2.0/3.0mm Fiber Optical Connector With Ceramic Ferrule Patch Cord - Fiber Optic Equipment - AliExpress?

200pcs Om5 Lc Optical Fiber Connector Kit Om3 Om4 0.9mm Single Core Sx Sm Mm Lc/apc Part Ftth Accessories Ceramic Ferrule - Fiber Optic Connector - AliExpress?

I am by no means a fiber expert but I do buy quite a bit of stuff off of Aliexpress and I say go for it. I have yet to be ripped off or disappointed by a product. As long as you read the description carefully and understand what you are buying I have been pleased with my experiences.

Yeah I’d go for it

ALL my Fiber stuff comes from fs.com, which is all from China anyway. I think china has that kind of stuff down.


That is a big saving. But thing of the children!

As long as it works, I see nothing wrong here. Now you can do some side work to recover the cost

I am thinking about the Children! Mine, by saving $400!

That buys them lots of Legos

I am in that DINK life so I just think of the world’s kids as my own. But yeah, that is a hell of a lot of savings. I am just to chicken ess to buy stuff like that from Ali or cheap sites. I get all of my fibre stuff from fs.com as well.
Let us know how it goes.

Likewise, everything I have that’s fiber - pretty much just my little 40Gb IB network - is running on FS transceivers and their pre-terminated MTP/MPO cables.

Curious how this one turns out and what all out of that order is/isn’t worth buying again.

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Problem is they dont have bare connectors, and I have to actually terminate all my fiber. Its already run and in the wall.

DINKs are cool some my best friends are DINKs. Personally im glad I had kids, they are fun. You know the moments where your like man I wish i could go back in time and redo parts of my childhood knowing what I know now so I could better value it? Guess what, kids are that chance!

And its a blast, I cant wait to teach them D&D, the day we were all playing minecraft on my self hosted server was a major parenting win!

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if I was buying preterm sure :slight_smile:

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I bet. I love my nieces and nephews and had a hand in raising them. Kids just were never in the cards for my wife and I unfortunately.

Did this with the nephews one summer. They came up to the PNw to visit from Florida. They had a blast. I wonder if they remember this.

For personal projects I always buy from Chinese vendors or second hand market. Usually I get burned by the second hand market because I fail to look up the compatibility of older (Copper DAC)

I recommend FS and 10Gtek. They have the best deals on fiber gear and also solid reliability for me. They even work for my brocade L3 switch.

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