Worth it to even get this card (6950)?

Found this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131682&cm_re=6950-_-14-131-682-_-Product for a possible $50 it looks good, but with it being legacy idk if I should get it. I am mainly looking for a card around that price for some light gaming. Thanks!

I have a 6950. The thing's nearly five years old now. What exactly do you mean by light gaming? You could probably find one used for even cheaper.

no leave it. This is some strange shit... it only has 1GB.

No. it's not worth it. Because it has 1GiB of VRAM AND AMD already let the card rest in peace. It's been moved to legacy support. Its not going to get much good driver support anymore (I believe.. Don't quote me on that)

that is correct. No support.

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Crimson works on the 6000 series, but it's a beta release. Just got done benching the 6990 with Crimson.

This card on Newegg is an interesting thing. 1GB on a 6950 seems ridiculous and frankly useless. That said, if you were looking at picking up a 6950 or 6970 on Ebay for around that price you can expect performance roughly in line with the R9 270 / R7 370. Uses a bit more power, has a bit slower memory, but otherwise is a pretty decent card to pick up cheap if you just want to have something now. Obviously plan to upgrade quickly.

Alright I'll hold off then. It was mainly tempting, because everything at that price are nowhere near the speed of that thing. I planned to get a new card when the next cards come out, hopefully not too long from now. lol

While crimson API is there, there is no more updates for it (improvements) from now on.

He should be able to grab 7970/50's for $100 on ebay.

You could get a HD 6970 from Sapphire for not much more:


Two gigs of awesomeness!

And for alittle bit more you can get a 270.. We can keep going lol

For a little bit more, you can get this!!

Yeah... I jumped ahead a few steps... Time is money, people. Chop, chop!

Titan Z? Plebeian.

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Haha, what is he running, Avid?

There are 3rd party models that have 2 GB, mine does.

2GB is norm for 6950 nad 6970, i haven't heard of models with 1GB.