Worth buying another 7870?

As Christmas is looming it means I'll be able to get some cash and I'm currently running a Ghetto 1360x760 TV from Samsung and I am going to buy a 1080p IPS monitor and I'm wondering does it make logical sense to buy another 7870 for utilization of xFire? I do not plan to upgrade my graphics card for another 3 years but I want to "Future Proof" as much as possible for the upcoming games etc. So yeah what's your two cents on this. Here in the UK the 7870 is 150£ which is basically equivalent to 190$.

Yeah it's worth it, the 7870 is a very strong card and two of them should max out any game at 1080 at least 1-2 years and close to max for about 3 years. Make sure your PSU can handle it before you buy it.

Please get a 1050p or 1200p monitor. They are better. A 1080p monitors are nothing more than small TVs with DVI ports. If you are a real PC user get a 1200p or 1050p. If you get a 1080p, why not just get a PS4 or XBone?

What's the actual difference lol the " of the monitor is still relevant in all three of the resolutions you mentioned? Is it the fact that 1200p is 16:10?

1050p? As in 1680x1050? As in smaller than 1920x1080?

What youtube resolution do you even watch on a 1680x1050 screen?