'workstation' laptop recommendations

I'm looking for a Windows laptop. Requirements:

- 13-15" screen, high pixel density preferred

- doesn't have to be super thin, but it shouldn't be as thick as a gaming laptop

- should be powerful enough to run CAD software decently. I'm not expecting amazing performance - just something good enough for mobile work.

- really good build quality

- battery life: 5+ hrs of web browsing, video playback, note taking, etc.

- no disk drive required

- to be purchased towards the end of this year. So recently announced, yet to be released models are still good. 

Less than or around $1600 USD. 

I've been in the Apple laptop world for many years, so I don't know much about Windows laptops lol.
I don't mind purchasing things online (if they can't be found in stores, I mean), as long as I don't end up paying through the nose for shipping.


I would look at some Lenovo laptops.

Take a look at the Clevo W230SS (Sager NP7338). It's 13.3" with a 1080p IPS panel and can house any Haswell or Haswell Refresh mobile processor and a GTX 860M. The battery can last about 5 hours. 

http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np7338-clevo-w230ss-eta-march-p-6992.html?wconfigure=yes If you configure it on Xotic PC with an i7-4710MQ, 16GB RAM, Crucial M5a 120GB mSATA SSD and a 5400RPM HDD, it'll cost $1209.





I am in love with this laptop. I do wish that the graphics were a bit more impressive, but it's certainly sufficient for most laptop-based CAD use. The display is just astonishingly good, it's light, it's attractive, it has a fair battery life, etc. I want one, but I just don't have money. There is a cheaper model with just the 1080p display, also.


Wow this looks great! Definitely expensive though...

I'll check it out. Thanks.

it's below your max budget.

The refurbished models are, but I also looked up the price on new models.

And refurbished models have already had their problems fixed. I don't see why people look down on manufacturer refurbished products.