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When it comes to computer builds, I'm good at picking the high end parts and throwing them in a nice looking case. That's what I've done for my past 3 computer builds and what I'll do for the future. That said, I have a delimma because I need a workstation for work and I'm not too sure what I should drop in it.

I use this workstation for a ton of day-to-day activities and administration of the network. At times I have several RDP sessions going, several EMR sessions running, remote access to individuals computer etc. Lately the computer has been getting bottlenecked significantly and I can't deal with it too much longer. I need a computer with more than 8 gigs of ram but the one I'm using now (Optiplex 3010 SFF) won't support more than 8 gigs.

So what I need is :

i5 or a strong AMD equiv
Smaller form factor chassis
16gigs ram
Room for a low profile GTX750
Any watt PSU is fine
~600 dollars

Is about what I'm looking at, mainly need ideas on the smallest possible chassis as possible, and a PSU to fit in it.

Personally for you are describing I would go for an 8350 . The more cores help a lot with multiple sessions, even though is quite an older technology. Plus might be a bit cheaper.

I'll check into that. As I said, I'm not familiar with productivity benchmarks so I'm not sure how the 8350 would line up as far as that goes with comparison to the i5. I'll need to call our EMR and see if they have any issues with AMD processors as well.

Edit: Just called the EMR support desk, they do not support AMD processors.

I would recommend to take a look at the Xeon E3-1231-V3 cpu, paired with a cheap H97 mobo.
If you want small form factor you could decide either M-atx or mini itx.
I think that would be interesting for your usage scenario.

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I'll consider that. i7 performance around i5 price is nice.

Not sure if you allready have that GTX750?
But this is what i came up with.

If you dont have a gpu yet, you could ofc go with a cheaper psu, like a Corsair CX500m or what not,
and grab a gpu.

I do but if I go xeon I'll have to purchase a new GPU since hte one in the workstation I have now is my personal one.

Indeed A XEON might also be something you can check. Might be more expensive than the 8350 price but very reliable , newer technology, designed for 24/7 use and better power efficiency.
I usually use site like this:

To compare.