Working on a new x470 build, watched the youtubes, how am I doing?

I think you will quickly regret the your choice of case. Other than that… seems decent. I would lean towards Asrock more than Asus.

Spending way to much on ram… unless you have to have it. 16 gigs could be a much more effective price.

You hobbled an otherwise decent system with a budget case… ? Rattle box as I call it. Air flow ?

Gamers Nexus liked the mesh front version of the H500

The H500 and H500P mesh are not the original H500P

Ya… I see that. I stand corrected.

As far as am4 setup X470 motherboards are concerned.
The Asus Crosshair VII Hero is of course a great board, one of the best X470 boards.
But its also the most expensive one out there.
If you are an die hard overclocker and tuner then the Crosshair VII Hero would be worth it.
It has one of the nicest bios for tweaking and overclocking.

But of course there are also other decent boards who offer a great feature set for their money that are cheaper.
Like the Asrock X470 Taichi for example, great board with a decent vrm implementation,
that offers really good value for money.
But the bios from Asrock still has some things that could be improved on.

Still if you are looking for more cores in the future.
Then it makes more sense to concider threadripper eventually.
But for gaming TR doesnt make any sense whats so ever.

ugh you tube videos :open_mouth:

don’t get me wrong there are some great instructional videos out there and some i would like to hunt down the author and boot his butt over his shoulders.
( incorrect and downright dangerous videos teaching diy how to do complex electrical wiring in homes)

search out the correct videos by using the recommendations of qualified technicians