Wordpress + Seperate Domain + Mail?

No clue, if this is the correct Category for this, but i’ll try anyways.

Following Situation i’m failing to wrap my head around.
I registered a Domain some time ago. With that Domain i’m getting Free Webmail. So far so good.
In step two, i now have a Wordpress.com Site i’d like to access through that domain. After Setting that up, i need to configure Wordpresses nameservers for my Domain. Fine and dandy and the website is accessible.

Now the fun part. The moment i change the Nameservers, Webmailer gets disabled and i’m unable to recieve mail. I’m getting Relay not permitted. Which seems logical.
Until now, i mostly dealt with Root Servers, where i run my own Apache instance. In that case, i just set an A-Record in the domain and all is fine.

Is there some way that i can get Webmail working with my Domain Hoster, while still leaving the Website Accessible at Wordpress?
Would an MX-Record at Wordpress to my Domain provider Help here? I’m not quiet understanding what the “Nameserver” Entrys do in this specific case.
Or is the only option to leave the Domain provider for mail and pay another thing to take care of mail for me?
Or the other way around? Can i just create an A-Record to point to Wordpress instead of the Nameserver entry?

Where your site (read: http content) is hosted doesn’t affect mail delivery at all.

Setting an MX record for your domain and pointing it to your webmail host should make things work.

The A (or AAAA) records should point to Wordpress.

You should also set an SPF record, authorizing your webmail host to send on behalf of your domain. There are easy SPF generators, just DDG or whatever.

Optional, if supported, also set DKIM/DMARC records.

SPF is used commonly, so I wouldn’t consider that step optional. DKIM/DMARC less so.

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Yeah, if you webmail was working before, change your name servers back and just add an A record for the wordpress site.

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