Wondering what the real wait times are for DP 1.4 KVM switch

Sorry if this gets asked so often that its utterly annoying. I just discovered your 2 port DP 1.4 KVM switch and I think its a good match for my needs.

The 5 gbps and 10 gbps units are out of stock and I have read text to the effect that no one has any idea when anything will come in.

Fair enough, but is there any guidance on these? Several weeks? Several months?

I have a bit of time to wait before I need a solution but given how messed up supply chains are I don’t want to wait a year if I can avoid it :>

Thanks. I am signed up for the email notification when it comes in BTW

We’re pretty close now shouldn’t be long.

The pandemic hasn’t been great for supply chain lol

Thanks for the quick reply.

Whenever Im feeling sorry for myself as a consumer who can’t get stuff I remember its gotta be absolutely nerve wracking for the independent business types trying to sell me stuff I want.

I might be on the opposite side of the spectrum from your regular customers so I should ask in the meantime…

Does this box tend to work well with antiquated gear? I was actually gonna hook it up to hdmi monitors through conversion cables. Then to top it all off one output on one of my computers is hdmi and I see there are cables to convert that to DP.

My monitors are only 1080P so I was hoping I could get away with this. My plan was to buy one expensive KVM switch one time and then upgrade to proper DP 1.4 gear in the future. I could probably buy a cheap gfx card so that I was always sending DP on all inputs at least but I’d still like to run this into those old hdmi monitors.

Am I on the glue or could this work?

Ahh not recommended.

An HDMI 2.0 KVm may be applicable to your situation because there exists a lot of silicon to bridge (old crap) to modern HDMI but the same cannot be said of displayport.

That was designed for anything other than direct monitor connect.

HDMI 2.0 an option?

It could be. I couldn’t find one on your site though :> I may have just missed it. Would need 2 computers (or more) hooked up to two monitors

I’ll fix you up. email me wendell at level1techs dot com

Done Thanks

Past I think the dp model you wanted is in stock, still working on hdmi