Wondering how this keyboard is, I ordered it to hold me off for a while


Logitech K120. I just ordered it because I couldn't decide on a keyboard besides that I really want the DAS Ultimate and as far as keeping prices down it's not really a good candidate. So I figure I'll use this while I get money saved up. I'm just wondering if it's suitable for games any.

Personally I only get keyboards that are back lit because it's hard to see in the dark (I like to game in the dark despite the warnings) and that keyboard seems to be the exact opposite of what I am trying to do. You may get lost a times and it takes the usuablility away from anyone else who wants to use it.
Also the glossy base will get gross finger smudges on it and particles will get stuck to it and will make it look terrible.

BUT The keyboard is solid and if the above 2 things don't bother you all that much then it will be suitable for every game - EXCEPT if you ever have to look down at the keyboard to hit "i" for inventory or something on the other end of your keyboard as you may get keys confused with the [];'./ buttons

Well I actually just ordered a DAS Ultimate Silent keyboard that is completely black with no writing on it or anything lololololol.