While watching the last Tek (0095), and hearing Logan talk about how the large ISPs had essentially gotten rid of the smaller fiber competition in Kansas and Utah. It got me thinking how bad the corruption thing actually is over there in the US. I'm a watcher of TYT news network on youtube. They have talked about a movement to get Money out of Politics, and get an Constitutional Amendment. That movement is called Wolfpac. Additional info can be found on http://www.wolf-pac.com/

Essentially my question is have you guys heard of this, and if you think this might be a good idea? If you haven't then I guess I've done my part to spread the word, so check it out, it seems promising and essential to fixing the future of politics in the US.

Worth a shot. Not much was done after Grant, and Nixon's bullshit, but hey, who knows?

I'm a member of Wolf-PAC and have volunteered several times here in PA. You'd be surprised actually how much politicians listen to you when you drop the fact youre associated with them. Left a message saying I was Wolf-PAC got a call back within 10min. 

We have seen success. Many states have legislation to begin the constitutional amendment process in their govt right now. In fact one bill in California just passed the state house. If it passée the senate we will be on our way to success. 

Really this all began with a supreme court case in 1978. When corporations became people. It was reaffirmed when Koch back Citizens United won in 2010. Corporate person hood needs to end. 


I myself haven't really been active in this whole thing as I'm from Estonia. Not much I could do if I don't have wads of cash to donate. I hope Logan at least looks at this and chips in to spread the word, get more people involved.