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Wolfleben Seeking Writing Feedback [Closed]


As some may be aware, I’ve taken time away from the forum to focus on my writing.

I’m working on something I’d like to have feedback on.

Genre of the story: Science Fiction Fantasy

I have 5 chapters written by hand and the 1st chapter has been typed up.

I’d like to have feedback on 1st chapter.

I want feedback on:

  • The main character - What do you think of them?
  • Pacing of the chapter
  • Setting
  • Part of the NDA

Understand this is a rough draft of the 1st chapter.

Rules for Participating:
Must have been apart of the forum longer than 6 months.

If you are interested in providing feedback on the 1st chapter, then send me a pm. Note not all who express interest will be sent a copy of the 1st chapter but I will respond to ever pm. If selected you will be sent a NDA to fill out and send back to me. No I’m not joking about the NDA. Once the NDA is filled out, I’ll send you a PDF version of the 1st chapter.



i got you if you want man, professional copyeditor for a good portion of my career.



It’s just a single chapter … well your book after all.



oh that reminds me

the guy that sold the metro series basically only hid 1 chapter before putting it into print, and he did huge numbers because he had a huge following from releasing it chapter by chapter online and crowdsourcing editing

fascinating history there if you look into it



Update: I’ve received feedback from a couple different people. It has been what I wanted. I’m awaiting feedback from two other people but I want others to know I no longer need anymore feedback at this time. I’ll still receive it from those people though and use it to make the story better.