Wolfenstein 2

Sorry for not saying this: Video contains spoilers

I have missed you BJ

Will definitely be purchasing

Release Date: October 27, 2017

If you spot carefully in the cutscenes you will see some errors from where hands grasp things, hope they address that as it spoils something that is otherwise perfect.


I like you sharing the release date for this game and commenting on what you saw in terms of technical stuff in the video of the game being played or whatever but not going to watch the video … in case of …


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Honestly one of the most interesting things I find about this game, and FC5 for that matter, is that it will support Fp16…

Really? I did not know that. Hmmm…Vega…

Nice peace of info about FP16. But if i return back to the gameplay. It look like they kept the formula of the New Order and just expanded which is fine by me. I won’t complain if we get the same gameplay with a new/continued story.

I really like they have full dialoges/monologes that are in german or mixed. I think for us that know german will add that extra depth. I watched the wheel chair part was epic and the professor… pure gold. Was dying :sweat_smile: