[Withdrawn] Dirt cheap golden chip bundle

Long shot given most here are US-based, but…

Not a complete set, what you read and see below;
(full disclosure, this ad exists in another site as well. Not posting links, just letting you know/being upfront about it. I’m ‘Aenra’ there too, exact same pics, so…)

  • i7 6900K from Siliconlottery, 4.5GHz all 8 cores, 3.6GHz cache, 1.42V on air, 1.39V on water. Can clock a stable 4.6 easy on a 1.25 ratio.
  • Gskill Trident 32GBs (4modules of 8GBs each) all running at 3400, 16-18-18-36, 1.43V, properly interleaved and everything.
  • The flagship Gigabyte motherboard at the time, Designare X99, above spec settings saved and running as default, so literally a plug and play for you.
  • Samsung 960 Pro, 1TB, zero errors. Useless cover removed and replaced with real copper, black powder-coated individual heatshrinks. Has never throttled on me, even during synthetics.
  • Aqua Computer NVMe PCIe bracket for the above NVMe. Has a proper Amphenol header, none of that Chinese crap they use elsewhere.
  • Just so as to complete this, in case say you have an APU currently and will need some graphics, an MSI GT1030, 2Gbps, passively cooled, dual slot, 1 DP and 1 HDMI header.

System is in perfect condition and hasn’t run much, last two years i was away so it’s just been sitting there, before those a very mild and infrequent use. No “eXXXtreme” OCing, no folding, no “competitions”.
Your average closet user spending money for no reason :)
Really in excellent condition, with my work i don’t have much time.

Am asking for 400euro + shipping.
Bank deposit or Paypal.

Before we get to the pictures;
What you see below is what you get, no boxes, no stock covers, no extras. If it’s not in the pics, no need to enquire about.
And nothing sold individualy, please refrain from asking.

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

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Damn cool system at a bargain price. Hope you find a buyer here.


Thank you and i certainly hope so; hopefully the pricing will be motivation enough for someone not having dealt with me in the past :slight_smile: