Witch would you pick?

Ok so i'm getting a new phone in about a week and I don't know if I should go with the HTC one m7 or the Samsung g4 active. I like the build quality and speakers of the M7 but I like that the S4A is water proof and has a better back camera. 


Thank you for your input. 

Are those your only options? If not there's better out there in the price range.


If not...

I'd grab the M7 if you're a light storage user and won't be installing a ROM. I'd grab the S4 Active if you're going to install a rom (touchwiz is horrible) and will need microusb expansion.


Go grab HTC One!

Go get that M7! :D

Im probably going to go with the m7. Im buying them used and both of them are ab $350. I'm not planning on installing roms but I am planning on rooting it. And yes I agree touchwiz is junk.