Wish-list for AMD Never Settle Bundle

Personally, I'd like to see the following games bundled in the Never Settle Bundle (when/if they are released for PC).

  • The Witcher 3
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • Destiny (if it makes it to PC)
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Theif (new one)
  • Watch Dogs
  • Metro: Last Light
  • The Evil Within
  • Battlefield 4
  • DLCs and Season Passes
  • Maybe even some GOG.com credits, or Steam Credits

Alternatively, one thing I think would be awesome is if AMD made a deal with maybe 12 game developers and/or publishers. That way, gamers could get their cards and, through an AMD website, they could redeem game codes for specific GPUs.

Say I'm an MMO / RPG gamer. So, let's say I just bought an AMD GPU, and it's an HD 9950 (or whatever). Maybe that gives me 4 games.

Now I'd go to the Never Settle Bundle, redeem my cupon, and be able to select 4 games out of the 12 availavle. This way, I can choose what I want to get, without having unnecessary or unwanted game cupons. It also would give me the flexibility to maybe gift friends of mine some games if they wanted to play with me. Maybe I want 3 keys for Guild Wars 2.

If I'm an FPS / Multiplayer gamer, maybe I could get 2 or even 3 copies of Battlefield 4, one for me and some other ones for my friends.

If I'm selfish, and I prefer to have as many games for myself, I can get only games I don't have or that I want. Maybe I just want to trade in all my cupons for money for GOG.com or Steam, so I can get games which aren't in the bundle. And that way I can make my own bundle. (AMD could maybe make a "Make your own Bundle!" instead of the Never Settle bundle. Let gamers choose what they want. Sounds much better, actually.)

Than maybe after the games were selected, the person could choose how they wanted to get the game. Maybe Steam or GOG.com, or another service altogether.

Also, why not add some Indie Games or GOG.com credit in there? I think gamers would love if they could get, say, 40$ in GOG.com credit. Maybe get the Fallout collection and the Ultimate collection? Maybe get some Might and Magic goodness?

Why not allow gamers to choose if they want F2P credits for something like Hawken (like what nVidia did), but give them a choice whether they want to do it or not.

Also, why not give gamers a choice if they want to get a paid MMO like Guild Wars, or maybe they want to join a game with a paid monthly subscription.

Giving gamers a choice I think would be EPIC! I mean, it gives gamers an extra present.

From a business perspective, it's very difficult to pull off. But I think AMD could offer to pay back game studios in an amount proportional to the number of codes redeemed. So, say 200,000 gamers redeem cupons for The Evil Within. If AMD is paying 60% of game value back to them, that's around the equivalent of 120,000 online game sales through a service like Steam. That way, game studios get paid accordingly.

Game studios could also have the flexibility to say how their game could be redeemed. Do they want to sell through Steam, but not GOG.com ? How about the other way around? How about both? Do game studios want to allow customers to give codes so their friends can play with them?

This way, a successful game studio gets to be a part of the Never Settle Bundle, and gets lots of people who might want to play the game and get it, simply because it came free with their GPU. Also, it promotes the game studio and publisher. For example, some people didn't like Crysis 3 all that much for whatever reason - so maybe they would like another game instead... why not let them choose that for themselves?

Also, some game studios need a reason to optimize their games for AMD (besides the console wars), or they need money to make a game. AMD could offer an initial amount of money depending on the game. Obviously, they'd pay more for a AAA+ game like Battlefield 4, and a lot less for something like a small indie game studio. But the initial money payment to sign a contact is enough to attract game studios and publishers. The fact that they get more money as their game sells more is even better!

Obviously, there would need to be rules about this. Like, I don't think a person could have only 4 games out of 12, with some games costing 60$ and others cost 10$. A gamer might feel cheated if he only gets 40$ worth of games when he could get instead 240$ worth of games by selecting different ones.

So, I think AMD could maybe do a tiered system.

Maybe HD 9900-series: 2x Tier 1 (around 60$ value or lower) Games + 2x Tier-2 (around 40$ value or lower) Games + 2x Tier 3 (around 20$ value or less) Games. Maybe a Tier 1 cupon would be worth 50$ on Steam, or 50$ on GOG.com. Maybe a Tier 2 would be around 30$ on Steam and the same on GOG.com ...

Maybe the HD 9800-series could have: 1x Tier 1 Game, + 2x Tier 2 Games + 1x Tier 3 Game

HD 9700-series could have 2x Tier 2 Games + 1x Tier 3 Game.

And maybe even APUs could go into this bundle. Say the A8 and A10 APUs could have 1x Tier 2 Game and 2x Tier 3 Games.

Games could be tiered not only by price, but also performance hit. So Crysis 3 would be a Tier 1 game, but so would The Witcher 3. Next-gen AAA titles fit in here, and anything that will melt your GPU fits in here.

Skyrim and Metro: 2033 might be Tier 2. Games that don't hit performance that much, but also aren't nearly as expensive as when they were released. Most GPUs these days can run them easily on high settings, although max might not be possible on all GPUs.

Something like Don't Starve, Oblivion, Fallout: New Vegas, indie games and classics from 2011 (or prior) migth be Tier 3. Pretty much any GPU or APU can run this easily.

(Anyways, just an idea... a very, very, very long idea...)

Also, maybe CrossFire configurations could also be rewarded. Bought 2x HD 9970? Great, double the games! And you won't have to get the same ones, because you can choose. Maybe a 2-way CrossFire configuration exclusive game could be yours. Maybe some gaming gear, like 30$ off any Corsair PSU or gaming peripheral.

Got a triple CrossFire setup? Besdies triple the games, how about an extra 60$ off any ASUS AMD motherboard, or AMD CPU or APU through NewEgg, NCIX, or somewhere else? Or maybe 40$ off any ASUS VG-series monitor. This way, gamers don't just upgrade their GPU; their upgrade their rig while they're at it!

Got a Quad-CrossFire setup? Four times the games... and maybe an extra 100$ in gaming hardeware off. Maybe 100$ off any Corsair product on NewEgg or NCIX, so something like an H100i would be almost free!

Of course, if AMD is getting someone to spend 4x 550$+ on GPUs, I think giving 100$ in extra bonus is not much. I mean, if you have 2,200$ or more to spend on graphics cards, it's not much. But when you think about it, it can be a great marketing idea. It adds extra value to buying a CrossFire setup, and it makes gamers more inclined to buy a CrossFire setup. It also makes the system price go down. By making other AMD products have their prices drop, it also allows AMD to offer discounts on their own products. Why not add a 120$ rebate for any Quad CrossFire setup using HD 9900-series GPUs? Or a 120$ discount on any AMD CPU (like the FX 8350). Helps drive system cost down, and gets gamers to really want to use AMD products. (Of course, AM3+ boards can't normally run Quad CrossFire setups. But you get the idea. AMD RAM sticks, AMD GPUs, rebates, gaming PC component discounts...)