Wireless works , internet doesn't (on laptop)

ok I know I’ve had this issue years ago but I simply don’t remember how I fixed it.

my wireless network works fine for mobile devices and a desktop machine. however my laptop will just connect to the network , but can’t access the internet even though it says it has internet connectivity. I tried pinging some websites but they failed so it’s not a speed issue.

I feel like when I fixed this years ago it had somthing to do with some sort of setting in the adapter itself but can’t rememeber how to do it.

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What is your default gateway set to on your laptop?

need to tell us things about your laptop first before we can help.

OS for instance?

If its not for enterprise and comp is windows:


more than likely this will fix it. If I had to guess, probably DNS

windows 7

Is there a traceroute for Windows 7?
It does might want to run that and see where the connection drops off.

tracert www.level1techs.com

Can you ping something on the internet by IP?


If you can’t ping by IP, you have a bad gateway, or something else is strangely hosed.
If you can ping by IP, you have internet, but no DNS resolution.

Remember, the only protocol that matters on the internet is IP. Everything else, DNS, TCP, UDP, etc. are helpers.

nope , it says “general failure” for both

also says “general failure”

but it did say that level1techs.com ip is

Surely it wouldn’t know that without some sort of internet connection

Something else is strangely hosed.

What does the output of this command show?

route print

One more thing,
This sounds a little like a problem I had on a different computer.
Try disabling the onboard LAN - wired network adapter within windows "Network Connections"
Start | Network And Sharing Center | Change Adapter Settings
Right click on LAN/Gigabit adapter and disable it.


tried it didnt seem to do anything

Your routing table looks ok too.

Any chance you could try a bootable Linux media - like an Ubuntu ISO/USB?
Just trying to isolate if its hardware or software

Also, you don’t have any funky VLANing on your router or any of that do you?

i dont think so it should just be stock all around

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What about double NAT? Is your modem a router too? Are you using 2 routers?
like I said… strangely hosed

you gave me an idea and I figured out out what the problem was.

the laptop had an old cyberghost install on it , I started it and it opened to saying the connection was locked due to a previous unexpected shutdown. it then unlocked it and now the internet works fine.

man that was annoying.



Glad you got it fixed.