Wireless keyboard and mouse interfere with Wifi

Hi guys,

I recently bought this wireless mouse and keyboard combo to (mainly) use with my Raspberry Pi:


However, whenever the devices are powered up or plugged in they instantly kill the internet connection for the Pi itself. The same problems occur with my laptop; its internet connection dies when the dongle thingy is plugged in.


I have done some research and found that the problem is caused by the fact that my Wireless hub and the keyboard work on the same frequency (2.4GHz). I've gathered that the problem will be stopped if the hub's frequency is changed (cannot change frequency of keyboard). I've tried to do this, as well as changing the broadcast channels from 1 to 13, but nothing seems to work.


Is there any other way to solve the problem? Are there any other wireless keyboards / mice combinations for the same price (roughly) that won't cause this problem?