Wireless headset/headphones for £100-150?

I'm in the market for a new headset/headphones for my pc and this time around I think I will go wireless. Basically I would like a headset/headphones that I can use with my pc for gaming, music, movies, etc... in the price range of £100-150

I say headphones as an option because I have a desktop mic.

My only requirements is that they will work with my pc, have decent sound quality and also allow me to use them plugged in with a 3.5mm jack for on the go.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Not really into wireless headsets. So I am sorry for the lack of knowledge on my part. Only thing I can think of is this corsair headset that does not fit all your requirements.


Here is a old overview video Logan did last year. Hope someone comes up with something better for you.

I don't really know much about wireless headsets either. I do know that Sennheiser makes some nice ones. I don't know if there are any in your budget though. That would be where I started if I were you.


best wireless headphones you can get in terms of build quality,sound quality and battery life. one nice feature to note is that the headphone jack is bidirectional so you can share it with a freind who also has headphones or make a speaker wireless.

your only other option is to buy some wired ones and a Bluetooth receiver.