Wireless AP with PFSense

I'm trying to set up a wireless access point in conjunction with my PFSense box. I have it plugged into my switch along with my other wired connections. The Access Point is an Asus EA-N66R.

I've followed all the instructions for setting the Asus device up as an AP and I just can't see to get it to work..


My Asus Settings:




The Access Point shows up in my PFSense connections and I'm not sure what's wrong..


Thanks Guys!

Do you have the DHCP server and NAT turned off on Asus?

Try setting the get an IP address automatically to yes.

I do have both NAT and DHCP off on the ASUS


I'be tried that, still has no effect.. I usually have the DHCP server off on the pfsense box and I'll specify all my IP address manually decide Ito device. For this I have tried enabling the DHCP server on pfsense though.