Wired equivalent of Logitech g613


So after trying a few keyboards, I found one that feels amazing. I’m talking about the Logitech g613.

I have two issues with it.
1. It’s wireless; I’m a dinosaur, and wireless keyboards make me sad.
2. (minor) The macro keys. I kept hitting them on accident. I say it’s minor because I would probably get used to it after a while.

Do you guys know any wired equivalent?
(First page of google didn’t help so I came hare :sweat_smile:)

Are you only talking about the keys? Or the Keyboard as a whole?

Cause that keyboard is only using Logitech’s generic Romer-G switches, which are used in a lot of Logitech keyboards…

Both switches and layout.

MH well that’s a little tricky. Since Romer-G are Logitech’s proprietary switches you don’t have choice in manufacturers, and I don’t see any exact equivalent on their page so…
The closest I see is the G910, which is not exactly the same shape but close.

Found it :smiley: https://www.logitechg.com/en-roeu/products/gaming-keyboards/g213-rgb-gaming-keyboard.html

Saw that, but that doesn’t have the Macro Buttons , so I didn’t say it since you said same layout :wink:

A better alternative would be the razer blackwidow

I tried the black widow at a friend. I liked the G613 more :slight_smile:.

Then get the g613

Wireless stuff is pretty good

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