Wine System Tray shows as a window in KDE Plasma after Xinerama broke it

So I managed to get Xinerama working across multiple GPUs briefly on KDE Plasma, only to find out there’s no distinction of which monitor is the primary monitor because Xinerama just creates one BIG primary monitor. (Biggest weakness of Linux multi-monitor thus far)

This broke Wine’s System Tray integration with Plasma and it’s now showing system tray icons in a window.

From what I’ve searched, this is impossible to fix.

Any way to purge the Wine configuration data to fix this or is this literally impossible to fix?

Edit: Fixed it in a VERY roundabout way by having Wine launch in Cinnamon once, then going back to KDE. It’s not the fix people might be looking for, but there has to be a way to fix this without switching backwards and forwards between Cinnamon and Plasma…

Why use xinerama instead of randr? It’s my understanding that xinerama is old and not well supported and that randr should do most anything you need in regards to multiple monitors. Does xinerama do something w/ multiple gpus that randr can’t?


I want to know the opposite, how do I make the wine system tray not integrate with plasma and show in it’s own window instead?

Use Xinerama once. That’s how I broke it. Or use a Virtual Desktop.

Randr and Wayland crashes Xwayland if 2 displays are on differing GPUs.

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