Windows... Which do I get?

Hello! I am looking to build a new computer (for the first time) and have all of my hardware selected, but I don't know which operating system to get, or how I will get it. I really want Windows 7, but from what I have seen Windows 8 is cheaper. I am also not sure if I need to get OEM or if I need the retail versions. For Windows 7, the OEM is cheaper, but the retail is cheaper for Windows 8. I'm pretty sure no one gives out info on "Windows for an amount of money less than or equal to $0", or at least on this website they don't. I am quite new to this so if anybody could tell me the cheapest way to obtain Windows 7 or 8 and if I need the OEM version or not it would be greatly appreciated.

you don't need oem but their is nothing wrong with it. go with win 7 over win 8 for now.

if you want to use more than 16 gb ram

if you dont want more than 16 gb's of ram

I've been having a good experience with windows 8 so far. I know, call me crazy...

I agree the whole metro stuff is stupid but I've got a program called Start8 to bring the start menu back, boot directly to desktop and hide all the charms, hot corners, ect. It feels exactly like 7 now with all the windows 8 perks.

Some things feel quite a bit more refined than 7, the explorer ribbon is actually kind of useful once you get used to it. You can get rid of it totally by deleting a .dll file somewhere. A lot more of my hardware has become instantly compatible. I've only had to installed my AMD driver on my PC and the Nvidia and synaptics driver on my laptop. All the other drivers that I needed for win7 aren't needed anymore as it's detected and installed everything automatically. Even things like USB3, cameras, fingerprint scanner, all work right off the bat.

In terms of bugs/stabilty, nothing bad to say. Haven't had a problem yet, been using for about a month or so.

Otherwise I don't think there's much difference between them, if any, under the hood. Look at what's better vaule I guess. Windows 8 will only get better with everyone complaining about it. Microsoft are likely to really sort things out in SP1. Windows 7 is unlikely to see any more new features now and will pretty much be maintained as it is.

I agree completely. I have honestly really been enjoying win 8 both on my laptop and desktop. It works really well for me and is pretty quick! 

Windows 8 will have the best drivers and will have the best performance. but if you need a start button you should be able to find programs out there that will work as one.

If you're building your own computer, pick windows 7 or a linux os. No offence to the people who actually do like windows 8 sucks, especially if your into modding or doing anything unique to your computer. Pick windows 7, but test drive windows 8 through sandbox or something. With windows 7, you can always ugrade, windows 8 won't even let you wipe the drive through command line. I have 4 HDDs and recently purchased 3 SSDs and tried placing each one as primary, I put the HDD with windows 8 on as secondary and it still wouldn't let me wipe the drive. It's microsofts way of saying "Our customers are soooo stupid that we could run them over with a bus, and then make them appologize to us". Also, metro....really? Anyone who  plays game, does their own graphical editing, or anything else that is relatively "Risque" on a PC will dislike W8 for obvious reasons.

Those reasons being:

1. Metro

2. Lack of compatibility with a lot of windows PC games. I couldn't even install MICROSOFT WORD! Are you kidding me WTFCAKES!?!?

3. Lack of modability, everyone is unique, If I want to overclock, I should be able to.

4. I had to friggin petition Microsoft AND Adobe to write compatability so I could use Photoshop....?


6. It's lightweight for the first 6 months, (1 month for me because I actually use my computer for games/work/school) then it gets so cluttered that it takes almost an hour to start any programs.


Conclusion to my rant: Windows 8 is great for touchscreen platforms...for heavy duty desktop use, it sucks balls.

Yes I said I bought it for my stepson, but I switched out his HDD so he could do normal things on his computer and it's been pissing me off ever since I tried it.

TO MICROSOFT: We're all adults now, please stop trying to force us into your van so you can molest us with your OS builds. Thank you

I haven't had any of these compatibility problems. In fact things work much better. Grated I have a fairly new system and all the part manufacturers are going windows 8 crazy right now. A few days ago my motherboard did a BIOS update and detected windows 8. As a result it went and set all the EUFI stuff up for me (no idea what it did but my machine boots in 3 seconds.... shuts down in 2 (granted windows 8 shutdown is more of a kernel hibernation tbh)

In terms of modding. Yeah it's a joke right now, just a matter of time before new mods come out. Once you get over the whole metro thing with a start menu replacer then you don't ever have to see it again. I use rain meter for my desktop and it does all I need. Hopefully by SP1 Microsoft will bring out some kind of desktop option for windows 8. Until then I doubt they expect any business users to jump on board the windows 8 bandwagon anytime soon because there just wouldn't be any point, even if was better. Businesses will only upgrade if they HAVE to. Currently my system runs at 4.5GHz so over clock has nothing to do with the OS. I do a lot of heavy duty engineering work and everything runs stupid fast. Recently I got an SSD and photoshop loads near instantly. Point is, 7 and 8 are the same OS. They are even the same size. Only differences are GUI overlay and a bit of kernel cleanup/optimisation.

Where has anyone found Windows 8 for cheaper than 7? I haven't seen that anywhere.


im going to be trying windows 8 soon, from what ive seen the only major issue is the metro thing along with the standard driver issues for a new OS.

im perfectly prepared to try it, most of the issues people report are down to the new interface + some driver issues (its normal). Its more a personal choice than an actual deal breaking software fault.

the differences between OEM and Retail is just a box and some leaflets or maybe stickers lol

If you want something thats just gunna work straight off with minimal hassle, windows 7 if your reasonbly tech savvy and can find drivers and work stuff out windows 8 could be for you.

I used win 8 for a time, back when it was cons. preview, and it wasn't that bad. that capatibility this is total bull though. programs that work on win7 can run on win8 just fine. it's not THAT different under the hood, it's not like the change from xp to vista, where you have a whole new architecture.

you must ahve been running an early preview on older hardware.

I agree that the UI is pretty shitty for PCs, but that was really the biggest change from 7 to 8. I really can't see microsoft making a new OS incompatible with word, at least not with word 2007 or newer. if it was word 2003 or something, well, you can't expect software that is 10 years old now, and 3 versions back, to be compatible with a new OS. as for games, if it was that bad, noone would buy it.