Windows VM no keyboard/mouse after boot

Hi all,
I made a VM of a win10 machine with ‘vmware vcenter converter standalone client’
It seemed to be working and the VM just starts up. But I get stuck at the login screen.
Ctrl-Alt-Ins doesn’t work, neither does the ‘send Ctrl-Alt-Del to VM’-button.
My next step was forcing the machine into recovery mode so I could get to advanced options->safe boot.
In the Bios/startup and advanced settings etc I can just use my keyboard/mouse.
So in the startup settings:
1)Enable debugging
2)Enable boot logging
3)Enable low-resolution video
4)Enable Safe Mode
5)Enable Safe Mode with Networking
6)Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt
7)Disable driver signature enforcement
8)Disable early launch anti-malware protection
9)Disable automatic restart after failure

I’ve tried 4,5,6,7 & 8
with the same result as a normal startup, no keyboard/mouse.
The keyboard lights for numlock/caps lock etc also don’t do anything when I’m in the VM.

I’m kind of at the end of the road for what I know and what I can find on google.
Hence I turn to you forum, any advice?

If you’ve converted a physical machine to virtual, it’s likely the hardware emulation doesn’t match what was previously configured in Windows.

By default Win10 uses “suspend to disk” when you shut it down, so it can do a fast boot (resume) at the next power on. This resume image will be completely incorrect for the VM - so the first thing to try after booting the VM is a forced reset/reboot (or virtual power cycle). This ought to do a full boot (rather than resume), and you might find the kb/mouse start working.

If not, but safe mode works and you can get into the VM, try installing the VMWare Tools - which might help. If VMWare tools don’t help, try deleting the existing keyboard & mouse in “Device Manager” (so windows has to re-detect them). If all else fails, you might be able to use “sysprep” to reset the converted VM back to a clean state (it will redetect all the “hardware”).

Alternatively, if the networking works in the VM you could try to remote desktop into it in order to fix it.

Anyway - enough suggestions for now.
Good luck!

Hi Marc,
The VM has been rebooted multiple times by now, that sadly doesn’t help.
Safe mode and normal booting works, but because I can’t use a keyboard or mouse I can’t login or do anything :smiley:

I could install VMWare tools on it with the same converter tool but also little effect.

RDP is still an option, thats something I’ll try when I’m back in the office tomorrow!

how are the keyboard and mouse attached to the VM?