Windows Updates July 2018

Hi folks, hope you’re doing well.

In my misadventures in Windows sysadmin-ery I’ve encountered an “exciting” bug in the July Windows Server updates.

The issue relates to Exchange 2010 on Server 2008 R2. It seems that KB4338818 (the Monthly Rollup) has done something nasty to Exchange (amongst other issues).

Microsoft have noted an issue with networking stuff after installing this update, more info here:

No mention of Exchange here. Also you have to love Microsoft giving another vague timeline to fix a serious bug (Windows 10 blurry scaling I’m looking at you).

Here’s a thread on Reddit about this issue:

Summary of points, Exchange 2010 on Server 2008 R2, Transport service stops responding, can’t stop it. Restart the server and it’s fine, but 6-7 hours later the problem reoccurs.

Not sure how many Windows sysadmins there are on the forum, but in case you’ve found this in the last couple of days, just letting you know you’re not crazy.

Could make commentary on the decline of Microsoft’s software in general, but there’s an awful lot to say lately.

Any thoughts to share? Cheers.


Thanks! I’m a Windows Sys-Admin as well (while still very green), and while we don’t run our own Exchange server, this is good to know! I always wait a couple of weeks to install updates for the reason that I want to see if anyone else has problems with the updates that I am about to install.

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It’s the age old question with updates.

Is it better to wait to install updates and have an open attack surface for that time, or to install immediately and risk any issues that could cause.

If only we technicians were clairvoyant like people think.


Haven’t personally encountered it yet but will definitely mention on our internal message board at work.

Fortunately a lot of the Exchange servers we looked at we’ve pushed to Office 365 which has overall reduced the amount of email related tickets we get these days.

MS releasing server destroying patches is sadly par for the course, especially on older OS and products where they aren’t the priority for what little actual testing MS ever does these days.

haha it’s true. I really do wish that we could foresee all the issues.

We do our best!

Thanks! I was in process of removing updates when i found this post. I have the exact same situation - reboot, then slowly the transport stops transporting external mail, then internal devices and outlook clients as it grinds to a halt. Can’t force kill - have to reboot, etc.

Hello Team

After i have uninstalled the kb4338818 Patch. Still, i have facing the same issue. Server transport service will stop responding and then I need to reboot the server.

Every 8 one hours once i need to reboot the server. Please let me know any suggestions to resolve the issue


Looks like people are calling out both KB4338818 and KB4339093 to uninstall. Not sure if they are both at fault.