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Windows update increased the file manager path box size

So this is probably a really small issue to be honest, however I see changes like this all the time, and genuinely have no idea why.

So I realised today that my computer had applied the latest windows updates - usually none too bad. However, while working away, I immediately spot the file manager looks off. The whole bar containing path has grown in height to almost double what it used. This seems to have no option to revert, and has no gain at all for users without a touchscreen.

Why must all software keep making bits of the UI bigger? It’s bad enough seeing what I would describe as button size creep over time (look at windows xp! so much can fit on the screen at once!), but almost worse when things are changed out of proportion; this bar used to be all fitting sizes with the details view for files, now it’s inexplicably (and possible irreversably) larger than everyting else, drawing way too much attention and taking up more space than the same feature used to.


Would appreciate discussion on this and similar issues (and any workarounds) from anyone like-minded. Hoping i’m not the only person really bothered by such small things.

I will have to check out the latest update and see if this happens to me.

As my eye sigtht is poor, having somewhat larger veiwing lines would probably be fine to me :slight_smile:

A larger interface element setting probably would be a helpful option for them to add - unfortunately this update might not be of much help to you, as it appears the font is the same, and all they did was an increase of padding around everything.

Ah thanks for the feedback, still when I get around to the update I will test and see what I find.

For window explorer issues, some can be fixed by using a different file manager.

I use tablacus. It has a boatload of addons, and requires some time to setup how you like, but once you get it setup it is great.

Mine is the same size it’s always been.

I even installed the updates that came out this morning to check.

I love the idea of swapping the file manager - how is the integration of this and other third party options? I’d have some trouble with switching unless I can make the new program the default option to be opened by other programs when they open a folder view.

If you mean the file picker when you open/save a file, then no.