Windows Update broke 6900XT passthrough, can't install new AMD driver due to installer "compatibility check"

A recent windows update replaced the AMD graphics card driver with a newer version that apparently isn’t compatible with the AMD graphics card control software. Trying to run the AMD installer for the latest version gives me an error message about chipset software and then gets stuck forever on “Checking your PC’s hardware for driver and software compatibility…”
Looking Glass itself still works fine, but I need a way to set a custom resolution so I can run my looking glass guest in a desktop tile (2560x2136) without, which Windows itself doesn’t seem to have an option for. Is there a way to bypass this compatibility check and run the installer anyway? The GPU itself shows up in device manager exactly as it should, and the microsoft supplied driver works well, I just need a custom resolution.

Use DDU to remove all AMD drivers, then install the chipset driver at first

How to disable automatic driver updates on Windows 10

edit: I just realized that we talking about a VM, the chipset message is BS, only the GPU driver is needed.

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Just tried DDU, it didn’t help.

Yeah, the chipset message is kind of stupid. The virtualized Windows recognises that the real metal is AMD (it reports an eight-core sixteen thread 7950X), but the chipset is an i440FX, which obviously isn’t AMD. Weird thing is I’ve been able to install GPU drivers without issue in the past on this very same configuration VM.

Turns out I was using the wrong installer. The “AMD Adrenalin” installer the huge “download drivers” button downloads is actually a thing that tries to install all AMD drivers instead of just the GPU drivers, and some flaw in that apparently gets it stuck if it detects an AMD CPU but no AMD chipset. I had to go the support page for my particular GPU and download the installer named “WHQL”. I hate that “download random things off the internet” is STILL how you install drivers in Windows. Microsoft have had a good tool to handle that for two and a half decades now, Windows Update. AMD are utter buffoons for sticking with this insane and archaic driver install method. I wouldn’t be so upset if it wasn’t such a half-hearted effort. Windows Update does install perfectly functional drivers if all you want to do is play video games, but if you want to actually do weird custom setup, like my virtual machine, you have to install the xX le epic gamer overclocking Xx tool+driver off of the internet. This is not only inviting rootkits and making things more difficult than they need to be for absolutely no reason, it’s actually more effort than if they were just sensible and distributed the driver properly via Windows Update to begin with.

God damn it AMD.

Are Nvidia or Intel anything better in that regard?

I mean it fits the needs of other people, PCie passthrough is an absolute niche, so we can be glad that AMD offers different packages :wink:

But basically you are right, Windows is a shit show and it has to be a VM to have better control, bare metal is a nightmare.

You should use ZFS Autosnapshots and PFSense with pfBlocker-NG, these are the perfect babysiters for Windows, no more unplanned troubelshooting.

I do use ZFS, yeah. So nice to just be able to roll back with a single command and rebooting the VM whenever Microsoft mess up.