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Windows update blocked by VMWare workstation Pro

So it looks like my old Workstation Pro 12 is blocking windows update.

To clarify, this is not a VM, this is the bare metal host Win10 with Pro installed on top (type2).

Maybe a Godsend for some lol. I just hope it doesn’t block security updates that come on down the line.

Yep, 1903 has kernel changes that broke some stuff, although I think they are all fixed in windows or in a newer version of a program.

It shouldn’t affect security updates but those won’t last forever for 1809, although you still have almost a year.


latest 1903 update broke vmware

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Yes it did, for older versions of VMware. There has been no official word as to why that is satisfactory. But if you have an up to date version that works fine.

Someday I will go mostly Linux. Someday… The second desktop at that desk is my old z800 server, I loaded PopOS on it and use the LVL1 KVM to jump over to it. Plan to move more and more workflow that way.

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