Windows thinks my headphones is a microphone. :/

For the past week my computer has not output any audio, I use my Razer Blackwidow's audio jack for my sound. I've updated the standard drivers ( SPDIF Interface, whatever that means) and I even rolled back to a previous windows 10 build (an automatic update also had screwed up a game and I had to reinstall it). I've discovered when I plug both the jack for the keyboard or the headphones themselves the Devices menu has it show up as a microphone.

I also recently bought a pair of Logitech G633 and installed the drivers for them. I ended up returning them and went back to my usual setup.

I uninstalled the Logitech drivers btw.

Does it show up correctly if you plug it directly into the motherboard headphone jack?

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Depending on where you plug it in it changes from Line-in to microphone in Devices. I'm pretty sure it means the same thing ;(.

I managed to fix it by disabling the microphone in Sound and then pluging the headphones into the microphone jack. Cus' that's logical :D.

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Could be an audio chipset driver issue, I know mine lets me choose what a jack function is after its plugged in, but that of course depends on your motherboard and software.

You should be able to find specific info and drivers on your motherboards website, it could be a simple case of reinstalling the software.

That is also assuming you don't have a sound card, but the process should be pretty similar

Edit: Oh great, glad you got it fixed :P

Appreciate the responses, Thanks man :D