Windows Server 2019 ethernet driver not installing

This is the first time I’ve installed Windows Server 2019 and I am having trouble with the Ethernet driver. The motherboard is fine since I’ve tested another operating system on it. I’ve tried the driver offered by the manufacturer and Intel. Windows has been unable to auto detect the driver. Anyone know something else I could try? The board is a Gigabyte GA-X99-UD3.

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Does it show up in device mgr?

The Ethernet Controller is visible. It does not find the driver automatically though.

The generic driver doesn’t work ?

Neither the one provided by Gigabyte or Intel. I wonder if server 2019 is missing some driver support. Would there be a way to force install a driver perhaps?


Check this out. There was a way to manually install the .inf file. Windows prompted me to reconsider but I went through with it. Seems to be working. Never had this much trouble with Ethernet drivers before.

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