Windows Server 2016 WDS

I would like to ask for an expert’s idea on this one. I am running a standalone WDS Server in Windows Server 2016. At the same time, I am running DHCP for WDS but I also have pSense which also has DHCP running. You might ask why have two DHCP servers running in the same network, I initially wanted WDS clients to get an IP from DHCP but I don’t know how. So this would be a two-part question:

  1. Whenever I create a reservation for a MAC Address, I get an error that the IP is used by another device. I have tried disabling DHCP in pfsense, and/or setting the Windows Server DHCP Scope to include and not include the IP Address but still get the same problem.

  2. How do I make Windows Server’s WDS server to deploy IPs from pFsense.

DHCP Error

I’ve gotten this working but can’t remember the exact steps (it was like 3 years ago and was a weekend experiment). Pretty sure it was something along the lines of this in pfSense’s end though:

To paraphrase:

Under DHCP server → Advanced options

  1. Next Server = Your WDS server IP

  2. Default BIOS file name = boot\x86\\000

  3. Additional BOOTP/DHCP Option.

  4. Add one option

Number = 66

Type = IP address or host

Value = FQDN of your WDS

  1. Add another option

Number = 67

Type = text

Value = \boot\x64\\000

This is assuming WDS is all setup and ready to go with the boot and capture images. You may need to tweak some things on WDS’s end if you get the DHCP resolution to complete but TFTP fails

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I am not sure I got your response right. But I have researched answers upon your response.


Is this right?

The options listed are to setup PXE booting from pfSense rather than the WDS server. There’s some special considerations for setting up DHCP on the same server the WDS server is on. Microsoft’s Technet on WDS for 2012+ should have that outlined if you still want to go that route

I see, I’d have to test my WDS Server with the current settings. I’ll update soon if its working or not

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