Windows on Arm and with an x86 Emulator

Well, I'll give this a slightly better chance of success than Microsoft's last attempt at bringing Windows to ARM. They really should have had x86onARM (a la WoW64) as part of their initial Windows on ARM push back when they originally released Windows RT. I don't know how Microsoft thought such a platform could succeed without the help of the mountain of software already available for Windows. Even if it couldn't run everything at super fast speeds, just having the capability to run x86 software might have made those non-pro Surfaces 1 and 2 more viable.

Well, how apple could avoid growing pains in an alternate platform is the Apps Store. All of their software goes through there and porting is a simple recompile. The only thing Apple would have trouble with is Steam, but apple doesn't give a shit about that but with MS, that's a big issue.

For the casual user that gets everything from the MS Store, they won't notice anything. But Productivity users might want to wait this out because emulation is slower. I'd love to get a Xeon Class Arm Machine with an unlocked Bootloader