Windows Live in Steam games

Windows live and all of its affiliates can BURN IN HELL!!  It takes something that should be relatively simple and just trolls you and trolls you until you rage, create a new around and and in the password bar, write a short novel about how you wish to urinate on anything with the Xbox live label. 

Log in invalid

Resets password

Password I entered was right the entire time and now i have to come up with a new one.

Game request a windows live update while downloading profile data.

Rather that a request it demands and interrupts my profile download

Profile data is now corrupted.

*rage quit*

Rejoice it will be gone soon. Also stress because it may be taking things with it. 

Not concerned. Never really had any interest in playing my GFWL games online anyways. Hopefully now I can bypass all that xbox live crap when I start the games up.

hopefully they'll release a patch or something so that I can actually play games I purchased that use it (I can't play them now)