Windows + Linux x399 Raid0

Hey All, I am new, a solutions architect (SDN/NFV) by profession (so don’t hold back technically if you wish) and having a few issues getting my R0 being seen by Zorin, Ubuntu 18 LTS and Fed. None of the three seem to be able to see the firmware raid built within the AMD CMOS on my x399 MB (amazing feature finally on consumer boards). So my home office desk setup is … iMac Pro mid 10 core with a second offload self build x399 gigabyte workstation (dual boot for gaming on windows although really hoping to remove windows soon if BSD or linux actually makes a viable Common Gaming Interface for the kernel / APIs. So the x399 has a 2950x 16 gig, soon to be 32, 3466s, NV 960 r0 in board first two slots sitting next to PCIe holders. Actual board is the gaming 7. I love the new PCI architecture for the x399 hub and spoke PCI. So would prefer to keep it if I can.

So my question is ahas anyone got this working? Did anyone get any Distro seeing the bios raid on the x399? I have 11e running. And if not done it yourself any advice you can give. In windows the drives are easy to come by, shamefully, but I seem to be stumped, which seems strange in Ubuntu. I really don’t want to use Ub server. I prefer the LTS workstation version. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will eventually run OpenBSD as the third boot option so if anyone has experience with this working would be great too.

The actual raid is across x2 512 and windows takes 350 gig of the final 1tb with 650 left unallocated. Even if I format it in common or LKernel inode formats that 650 is still not seen in Ubuntu due to the raid and the two NV disks show up only. Neither with usage I might add so not an NTFS etc problem.

And have been reading the forum you have a really nice community here. Pleased to join.