Windows Home Premium OEM Key?

I am reparing a laptop for my grandfather and it is so obfuscated that I am just going to reinstall Windows 7 on it. However, the key is an OEM key. Will an OEM key work with a standard Home Premium 64 bit disc? Or do I have to find an OEM iso online somewhere?

Just download whatever Windows version ISO you need to match OEM key you have.

Burn to usb (or dvd if you want a slow install), then go from there. If Windows wont activate with the key - call the activation hotline - say you uninstalled Windows, etc etc. They'll give you an activation code.

Yes it will work, There is zero difference between the Windows 7 OEM disc and the Windows 7 Retail disc. At least regarding keys and installation. 

I've reinstalled quite a few Windows 7 laptops using my retail disc. Its easier too and takes less time then doing a Factory Restore using manufacture OEM software as it doesn't install all that lovely OEM bloatware. You will most likely need to download the laptop drivers from the manufactures web sight however.

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There is a difference between the Retail and OEM. The main part is that OEM can only be used on one computer and not another. Put it in simpler terms, OEM keys are bound to that certain PC and can't be transfered to another computer. A retail however, you can use the key again on another computer (as long the other computer isn't usable or has a different key on it).

you should see if you have a recovery partition as then when acessed it will reinstall and activate with a system image. you would only have to update drivers install antivirus and remove bloatware. On hp laptops its f11. you can do it on dell,lenovo,hp,gateway,compaq,toshiba and many more. plus it is faster.

You are correct, however the question was about the disk itself not the keys.

"Will an OEM key work with a standard Home Premium 64 bit disc? Or do I have to find an OEM iso online somewhere?" - cryptnotik

There is no distinguishable difference between the disks themselves other then packaging and cover art.You can use a Retail Windows 7 DISK to reinstall Windows 7 on a laptop using the laptops OEM key located on the bottom of the laptop.

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All of the W7 Digital River sources have been stunted and you now have to rely on physical copies and torrents.

Always recovery partition on laptops. 

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