Windows help resources focused exclusively on the command line?

One cultural difference known to everyone who has ever done a simple web search for howtos for both Windows and the Linux family of operating systems is that when it comes to informal and third-party documentation, the Windows world emphasizes GUI tools and the Linux world emphasizes CLI tools.

(Of course, within both ‘communities’, for any problem, there usually exist at least some guides, forum threads, blog posts, StackOverflow answers, or online articles addressing each kind of solution. But in the Windows world, virtually every writer will at least include a GUI solution; and in the Linux world, virtually every writer will at least include a CLI solution.)

I work in DevOps. All of our server infrastructure is Linux-based, but sometimes I need to automate the installation and configuration of tools (or the operating system) for Windows developers. Whatever Windows machines I run are short-lived VMs that I use exclusively for the purposes of developing/testing automation and creating or modifying Windows installation media. (I haven’t used Windows in my personal life in more than a decade, and don’t feel any need to start.)

Consequently, when it comes to Windows, there are a lot of tasks I need to look up how to do, and when I do, I’m not interested in learning any techniques that are not readily automatable. So I only ever want CLI instructions.

The official PowerShell docs are pretty good, and Get-Help is also handy for third-party modules— as long as they’re already installed. But for third-party tools like SetFTA (for setting per-user filetype associations non-interactively) or not-yet-installed modules from PSGallery, Get-Help is no good. Same for any PowerShell hacks that require directly invoking .NET APIs.

Are there any websites, forums, or terminal tools (e.g., something like tldr, but more in the vein of apropos, with common utilities that may not yet be installed) for seeking help, guidance, or documentation on getting things done on Windows but which focus exclusively on command-line solutions?

ss64 is decent, from what I have seen. The Powershell documentation has mostly the same information as the official MS documentation, so it is pretty redundant. But I have found the documentation on cmd tools to be useful.

Other than that, I just append PowerShell to my search for how to do something.

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